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Person-Centric Approach at Senior Living In Tulsa

Our philosophy is that what we do begin with the idea that each individual is a whole person -- regardless of their level of dementia, with many different backgrounds, skills, interests, beliefs, tastes, and needs. Our experts believe that every resident deserves to be understood and needs to be invited to be involved, to whatever extent possible.

Having a feeling of belonging to and connecting with others can be an integral element of happiness. Our senior living Nashville offers nightclubs and activities to promote interaction and team engagement. Groups volunteer in the local soup kitchen, write to international soldiers or make blankets for the homeless.

We value and respect our resident's right to have choices every day and strive to provide opportunities for Life Activities that have meaning and purpose and encourage liberty and choice.

A crucial part of taking a person-centered approach at senior living in Tulsa is adopting an interactive process and build personal relationships between every resident, their loved ones, medical professionals, and our care staff. Our goal is to produce a collaborative venture among everyone involved that ultimately enhances each resident's daily life experiences. In each of our senior living in Tulsa, we're guided by the question, "What's the correct thing to do for your resident?"

A Comfortable and Secure Place to Live

Starting with safety, our houses are designed; every aspect believes the changing needs of people challenged with all the consequences of dementia. By design, our homes encourage visitors to move about freely and to move outdoors whenever they desire safely. Our smaller environment and spacious floor plan minimize confusion and anxiety, enable residents to feel secure and comfortable, and promote independence and choice.

Our philosophy of care began when we designed our homes where residents will live and revel in life every day. We intentionally decided to move away from a model of institutional living and generate a home environment where daily life is more like being at home with family and friends. The flow and pace of what is significant to them and how centers operate across our residents and their families.

Since we have cared for seniors through the years and cared for our parents, we discovered an essential component that's often sadly missing or even frustrated in several assisted living facilities. That's the concept of creating personal relationships with people and knowing each individual well enough to comprehend the "little things" that bring them joy, dignity, and purpose. There are very few staff members that associate with residents in this personal way.

At senior living in Tulsa, we encourage our partners to spend time getting to know each resident personally and comprehend their interests, background, and the things which are essential to them. At a senior living in Tulsa, OK, we encourage our staff to understand the things that concern our residents or cause anxiety or frustration to help decrease or prevent those situations.

Learning as much as possible about every resident helps develop a foundation of trust for providing care and support. Knowing that a resident enjoys having cream by way of example offers an excellent opportunity to socialize personally and reassure and build trust and friendship.