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All of us want some kind of companion, especially the elderly. The elderly do not only want, but they also need a companion. So why don’t you get yourself or your loved ones a Companionship Care? Companionship Care Tulsa will give you the service you need and want. We will help you with your socialization, emotional support, assistance, and some house tasks. We will help you with your daily living activities giving you full support on what you want to do. We won’t let you feel alone when you are with us ensuring your well-being and safety.

Companion Care

Companionship Care Tulsa In-home companion care programs are focused on ensuring the good health and well-being of your elderly loved ones so that they can enjoy life to the fullest. Although many of our clients value their freedom, there may come the point when they need additional assistance. When families and friends live far away, even a quick trip to the physician's office or supermarket can be challenging.

Obtaining accessible, reliable senior care in the comfort of your own home might be the solution your family has been searching for as an option to a nursing home. Our offices are available to support you if you need assistance 24 hours a day or only a few hours a day. We work hard to learn about our client’s personal experiences and preferences to plan stimulating and enjoyable experiences for them. Our companion care service offerings are versatile and customizable to your unique circumstance, and as part of our customized approach, we design a care plan to meet your precise requirements.

Duties of Companion Care Tulsa

A companion's primary function is to provide social and emotional support to their companion. Companions can provide home care services such as meal preparation and light housekeeping. They will go food shopping, the salon or barbershop, the doctor's office, and social activities with the senior. If the senior is unable to go out, they may also run errands.


  • Regular Conversation

    For somebody residing alone or caring for an ailing parent, merely having a visitor from time to time will make all the change in life. The greatest part of home care is a home care partner and something—or someone—to anticipate, from having a chat to sharing a meal.

  • Meal Planning and Preparation

    Most elderly don't get enough nutrients because they don't want to bother cooking and washing up after a meal. A Companionship Care Tulsa caregiver can prepare daily meals to sustain a balanced diet, have enough nutrition to administer medications, and simply brighten a senior's day. Furthermore, our caregivers are in charge of all cleaning.

  • Medication Reminders

    Although our in-home caregivers are unable to prescribe drugs, they may include daily reminders for oral or injectable medications and help with post medications and the monitoring of adverse effects or other medical concerns.

  • Cleaning Service

    Vacuuming, dusting, garbage disposal, arranging and decorating rooms, cabinets, closets, and light cleaning of bathrooms and kitchens are all services provided by our home health companion caregivers. A clean house is a happier, more comfortable house. It is one of the expertise of Homemaking and Companion.

  • Entertainment activities

    Our in-home caregivers are delighted to accompany a client to a favorite hobby, such as a nature lesson, bingo, or a concert, and play cards or Crosswords with them. Indeed, Companionship Care Tulsa matching method helps align individual caregivers to clients' needs and behaviors.

  • Shopping and Errands

    Getting groceries, medications, and dry cleaning are all basic needs for those who choose to stay at home and preserve their freedom. Caregivers can provide these services directly, including shopping for a client's favorite or necessary products at specific stores. They could also provide occasional transport for our clients who want to run some errands or socially interact while maintaining their safety.

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The elderly are not just prone to loneliness; they need a companion because they are also weak and prone to accidents. Companionship Care Tulsa will give you a service that will ensure your well-being and safety. We will provide the assistance and attention needed by you or your loved ones. So call us now!