Assisted Living In Tulsa

Parkinson's Care at Assisted Living in Tulsa

For a household, providing care to your loved one with Parkinson's disease may be a meaningful and rewarding experience. However, once the disease has advanced, you may find that even with support from friends and family, your loved one may no longer manage by themselves.
Parkinson's patients that experience motor control and hallucinations are at a higher risk for dementia. Individuals who develop symptoms of dementia do after the diagnosis of Parkinson's. This is when Tulsa Elder Care can play a meaningful and significant role in well-being, happiness, and the maintenance of people who need additional aid
Members of our team at assisted living in Tulsa ok include:
Registered Nurse, in addition to other nursing support team
Dietary Director
Life Enrichment Director
Physician and Nurse Practitioner
Opportunity for Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapy

Assisted Living In Tulsa

Parkinson's Care at Assisted Living in Tulsa

Movement disorders can make like maneuvering around the house, simple daily tasks, frustrating when combined with cognitive impairment, and it might even become harmful! That is the reason why we designed our community and apartments to assist those with Parkinson's disease. Tulsa Elder Care provides just the right private flats in each home and a protected courtyard for our residents. Our community features a more excellent staff-to-resident ratio to ensure the delivery of unique care. We provide service that is individualized based on each individual's needs, skills, and tastes.

Support areas at our assisted living in Tulsa include but isn't limited to:

Memory maintenance
Support for cognitive and behavioral challenges
Drug management
Assistance with bathing, grooming, and dressing
Three chef-prepared meals daily plus snacks
Customized meal plans and Dietary monitoring
Private escort help to meals and activities
Scheduled activities and fitness program
Scheduled leisure transport

Life Service Plan at assisted living in Tulsa ok

Every resident at Tulsa Elder Care contains a plan of care and is exceptional. This plan of care is known as the Life Services Plan. This care plan identifies each area of support of what the plan is to meet these requirements, and that an individual could need, how those needs will be fulfilled. It's tailored to each individual according to their needs and desires.

The elements of this Life Services Plan identify the level of service or support needed from the following areas as identified during our operational capacity assessment:

Instrumental Activities Meal Preparation
Medical Management
Management of Medical Treatment
Use of Telephone
Laundry & Housekeeping
Cultural activities and outings

Incontinence Frequency
Medical Issues
Level of needed assistance

Cognition Memory
Decision Making
Problem Solving

Expressing Information
Knowing Information
Word Recovery
Compensatory Plans

Falling & Unsteadiness
Impaired Judgement
Wandering & Elopement
Impaired vision or hearing

Psychosocial & Behavioral
Socially inappropriate behavior
Agitation & aggression
Repetitive behavior
Sundowning & sleeplessness
Suspicion & paranoia
Emotional lability

Primary Activities
Bathing, grooming, dressing
Morning and walking
Nutrition and Eating

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